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 Your POSITIVE words always encourage and motivate us to continue to give back more to the world! We are greatful for the words below from all of you!

First time Adventure --  Baking for a Cause (100% proceeds to Kinder Konnection, helping underprivileged children in Seattle public schools)!

Pictures cant do justice to the amazing work these kids have done! WoW! I am even more impressed if thats even possible! I tried one this morning and they are delicious and cant believe its eggless!

N loved the cookies, especially the choc chip ones! Great job by your girls and a very noble cause.

Both the cookies are amazing and tasty! All of us loved it and kids really liked the chocolate chip cookie!

Thank you for the cookies. They are delicious! 

Thank you for the cookie! I really enjoyed reading your mission and projects. Great website!

Loved the eggless cookies and they tasted it so much better than the stores!

The cookies were delicious! It is wonderful to see the initiatives and causes adopted by these youths to make a difference in the world. Keep up the good work!

What a wonderful way to give back to the society! My boys love your cookies! Keep up the great work Vaneesha and Varshini!

Words from the founder of Kinder Konnection for their baking fundraiser Sept - Dec 2019 for $4k+

The Hari siblings Vanesha and Varshini have done several phenomenal things , all at once.
1) They have raised a stupendous amount of $4000 for my homeless, foster and underserved children served by Kinder Konnection.
2) They have baked an insane number of cookies for this fundraiser.
3) They have set the bar very high about what children are truly capable of.
4) They made me forget that am actually writing about two children and not adults.

My heart is filled with gratitude and my eyes with tears when I think of the drops of kindness from donors that have filled the bowl of essential needs.
Shal Hari and Hari Bala Take a bow for you have just shown the world, silently but strongly what it means to raise children of character.
We are forever indebted to these little hands and large hearts.
Many blessings to Varshini and Vanesha who have embraced Kinder konnection and its mission-- Children of the world !

Hi Vanesha and Varshini, I love what you have started! I just visited your website, and clicked and read all the pages, and it brought me so much joy, I want to say, first of all, Joys of Giving is a beautiful name. I often see efforts or organizations calling out the benefit to those who will be served, but rarely calling out how much it benefits the giver, in a deep and permanent way. So I love the focus on the giver and the giving, rather than on who is served and how and why. Personally, I started giving when I was young and mostly so that I don't feel guilty inside when I see someone without food or clothes. But over the years, I have realized the more I give, the more I receive, and what I receive is not just materialistic things but the really precious things that money can't buy, loved ones can't give you, and you cant create yourselves. Another way to look at it is, "not giving" doesnt make any sense, as it is unnatural. I look at the plants and animals and all of nature, nothing hoards anything, no one is greedy in nature, except the most fearful and insecure of human beings. And I definitely don't want to be one of them, as I wont be able to respect myself and no one will, too. So I give because it gives me so much. I give because not giving is not an option. And it is beautiful to be blessed and be a blessing, and do the work of nature and God for fellow creatures and beings. Let me know how I can help! Our whole family will be excited to help and team up with you. Feel free to reach out to me if I am not responsive, sometimes I get too busy being joyful! - Maya 

This is so wonderful! I don't have enough words for what you are doing at such a young age. Keep up this wonderful work!! - Rajesh

Super impressive!! A great initiative at such young age towards making this world a better place. Hari Shal - Give our love to Vanesha and Varshini... - Lotika Venkatesh

Great Going Girls!! Very commendable to see you sisters take time and effort to support the community around you! God Bless!

Awesome ! Many best wishes! To both

Big heart, beautiful cause, amazing sisters. You girls rock!!! - Cavi

God bless you both, so so proud of you - Rama

Dear Vaneesha and Varshini,
We’re so happy to see the wonderful work you’re doing, and be beautiful people you’re growing up to be! Congratulations on your creative venture and best wishes! - Dee 

Hats off to you on taking this initiative. We would definitely like to contribute and would love to try your special cookies.
Our best wishes for this endeavor. -- Aadya, Vibha and family

Such an awesome venture girls. You’re amazing, just like your mom. I’m sure your parents must be so proud of you two. Please put me down for one pack of cookies. Let me know how/when to pay. Thanks and best wishes! God bless you both!  -- Supriya

I love the work you do!!!!! You're a great friend!! - Aarushi

I like that you are helping others that are less fortunate. You are making a DIFFERENCE!!  - Dr. Brown

Well done good motivation stay blessed always and be a blessing!

Good Initiative to start a web site with a great goals. Appreciate your honest beginning and wishing you both all the very best in all your endeavors!

Great idea Varshini!!

Hi Vanesha And Varshini! I really like your website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!