STEAM Workshops

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We do several events through the year to support our unique vision (educational equity and fight against youth hunger). We conduct ongoing FREE Virtual STEAM Workshops, Baking , DIY Craft classes, we bake for our annual fundraisers, we cook healthy meals for youth shelters, we bake and share goodies with our local open kitchen and youth shelters. If you don't want to attend any of our events or efforts but want to help support our fundraising, please click here to donate. 

Summary and Impact: STEAM (Science, Tech, Eng, Art, Math) Workshops

36 STEM Workshops

6 Art&Science Workshops (Baking, Art DIY)

Fundraised: $1400

Youth Reach: 400+

Read more below. This supports our 'Educational Equity' initiative.

If you want to read about our fundraisers and 'No one goes hungry' initiative (fight youth hunger) click here

Girls Rock STEM Workshop Series of 4: 4 90 minute series of STEM coding workshops: Python to a cohort of 12 elementary girls. April - May 2024

Girls Rock STEM Workshop Series of 4: 4 90 minute series of STEM coding workshops: Intro, Scratch, Python to a cohort of 15 girls.

Women's History Month: Inspiration about famous women in STEM. Apr 2023: 2 session workshops 12 kids. Additional 2 sessions in June 2023 with Girls in Math organization 12 sign ups.

CSEducation Week: Dec, 2022: 2 Intro to Python coding workshops due to overwhelming responses. 20 kids.

 Summer Coding Workshop! July '22: Intro to STEM and Python Coding projects. 90 minutes and 17 sign ups. 

Grade 3-5. 

 Celebrating Women's History Month! March '22: 3 Workshops for low-income youth (10 sign ups) 

Python Coding and 3 projects, Grade 3-5. *Due to privacy concerns youth pictures are not visible

 Celebrating National STEM Day Nov'21: 2 Workshops for low-income youth (10 sign ups) 

STEM Concepts,Scratch Projects, Grade 3-5. *Due to privacy concerns youth pictures are not visible

 Celebrating National STEM Day: Workshop Nov '21 (10 girls) : STEM Concepts, Scratch Projects, Grade 3-5. 

 3 Coding Workshops Jul-Aug 2021 (16 kids) : STEM Intro, Scratch Projects, Trivia...Grades 3-5

 2 Baking Virtual Workshops Jul 2021 (10 kids) : 1) ChocChip Eggless Cookies   2) Chocolate Brownies

Designed curriculum to teach a 4 week series (Mar-Apr 2021) to 10 low-income students: Intro to STEM class!

Due to privacy reasons and no photo release, youth pics not shared

Scratch Game Design (Winter Break workshops 2020). Amazing creative designs by 15+ attendees!

Intro to STEM, STEAM, Coding Concepts (Winter Break workshops 2020)

Virtual Introduction to Python + Graphic Design! October 2020

Virtual Introduction to Scratch! August 2020

Virtual Introduction to Python! August 2020

Virtual Bake Along Brownies! August 2020

Virtual Advanced Scratch Workshop (based on request) August, 2020 - 90 minutes session with smaller focus group of return students from first session! 6 signed up and they were so engaged and had 1:1 debugging and learnings! 

Virtual Workshops August, 2020 - Privileged and humbled to be part of 7am-7pm full day workshops by multiple organizations partnering with StemChef! Varshini did a bake along of Chocolate chip cookies and Vanesha did a session on Intro to Scratch! Few hundreds joined on this virtual fun!

FREE Virtual 3 hours STEM Workshop!

16 youth signed up (Ages 7-10), July, 2020 9:30-Noon PST and $200 raised

Computer History, trivia, Learning how to use Scratch, creating a game infused with creativity and coding concepts 

Virtual Walk/Bike/Run

26 Families signed up and helped raise $1500

Log 10k steps and share a pic with family!

100% of proceeds go to help unclaimed children In  India @Adrutha Childrens Home (via Asha for Education) with education and other needs.

Virtual Baking and Arts DIY Workshop!

16 youth signed up

$200 Funds raised for local homeless community COVID-19

Eggless Banana muffins, science of baking trivia, marble paper and slime, When: July 2020 (10am-Noon PST)

First Virtual Baking Workshop!

25 youth bakers signed up

$600 Funds raised for educational needs at a Childrens Home in India 

'Chocolate Chip Cookie' Virtual workshop to help a cause!

When: June 2020 (10am-11am PST)