Volunteer Community

Mission: Joys of Giving is dedicated to making a difference in the life of anyone in need especially the underserved in our local community and around the world! Our vision is focused on doing our part in fighting educational inequity especially for underserved and encouraging more girls in STEM (gender disparity) and youth hunger. We strongly believe that education and having access to a meal should be a basic right and not a privilege!

Joys of Giving Volunteers (Read about our Founders here)

Michael J (8), Isabel J (8), Christine J (4) are the youngest youth volunteers who have baked over 120 cookies as of June 2022 and started volunteering with Joys of Giving in 2021 to help us serve our local youth homeless shelters and continue to help us with weekly meals.

Michael Jose: Michael's desire to help with Joys of Giving stemmed from his frequent interactions with homeless people outside grocery stores in the Seattle area, which triggered an interest to help the less fortunate in material ways. Michael is passionate about nature, and dreams of a world where we live in harmony with nature, swimming with the dolphins and flying with the birds, where people have what they need in a fair and equitable fashion. He dreams of running his own company someday, and helping others with his success.

Isabel Jose: Isabel's passion for service comes from her frequent sightings of homeless families at traffic intersections, especially families with children. Her desire to contribute to their wellbeing has made her an active and enthusiastic contributor to Joys of Giving, with the weekly sandwich making sessions being a constant reminder to help those less fortunate. Isabel is interested in singing and practices classical Indian dance, and hopes to perform on the grand stage in the near future to raise more funds to help others.

Christine Jose: Christine's started her journey in service packing sandwiches made by her siblings for Joys of Giving, at the age of 4. She quickly understood the impact of her actions, and is now an active contributor to Joys of Giving’s meal efforts. Christine is passionate about reading, and helping others make the world a better place.

Other Teen Volunteers: Monisha, Cameile, Uma, Anouk, Amaia, Ava, Alice and several others who continue to contribute in all our activities...